Moldovan apples were exported to 18 different countries in April 2022

The Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters, Moldova Fruit, informed that, in April 2022, Moldovan apples were exported to 18 destinations from all over the world, such as the Russian Federation, Romania, Armenia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Arab Emirates United etc.
According to the association, the producers managed to sell more than 25,000 tons of apples in the previous month, compared to 20,000 tons of apples sold during the same period last year.

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We recall that, at the beginning of March 2022, Moldova Fruit expressed its desire to expand the potential market of Moldovan apples, which, at that time, were stocked by the local producers in refrigeration warehouses, in the context of the crises in the agricultural sector, but also by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Over 13,000 tons of apples produced in the Republic of Moldova, from the harvest of 2021, were exported to other markets than the Russian Federation, such as the European Union, Central Asia, Persian Gulf and North Africa. For the first time, Moldovan fruits were exported to Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia and Kyrgyzstan.


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