Moldova’s Association with the 3SI Signals Its Growing European and Democratic Commitment, says expert Curararu

In a recent analysis conducted by TVR Moldova, expert Andrei Curararu of the Watch Dog Community shed light on the significance of the Republic of Moldova’s invitation to become an associated state of the Three Seas Initiative.

Asked if Moldova’s presence in the final declaration of the Three Seas Initiative summit has raised any questions regarding the diplomatic and practical implications of such inclusion, Andrei Curararu said that, this development underscores Moldova’s deepening European ties and its progress in fostering democratic values, promising a smoother European trajectory for the nation.

Andrei Curararu elucidated that Moldova, along with Ukraine, secured observer status within the initiative, while Greece ascended to full membership. This distinction endows Moldova with several strategic advantages, primarily in the arena of economic diplomacy. Each Three Seas Initiative summit convenes in tandem with an investment forum, offering Moldova an invaluable opportunity to attract foreign investments and stimulate economic growth.

“Moreover, this status furnishes Moldova with a robust platform for both bilateral and multilateral negotiations, particularly in light of its ongoing negotiations with the European Union (EU). Of note is the fact that this regional platform primarily comprises EU member states, thereby amplifying Moldova’s presence in key European cooperation initiatives”, Added the Expert


“Beyond the immediate economic and diplomatic advantages, Curăraru underscored the symbolic resonance of Moldova’s association with the Three Seas Initiative. This move is emblematic of Moldova’s burgeoning European identity and its willingness to shoulder responsibilities within European cooperation frameworks. It signifies a marked political maturity, elevating Moldova from its previous affiliations, such as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and its associated mechanisms”, concluded Curararu.

The invitation for Moldova to join the Three Seas Initiative signals a pivotal stride in its journey toward European integration. More significantly, it is emblematic of Moldova’s unwavering commitment to democratic values and regional cooperation. As Moldova continues to evolve, its association with this dynamic initiative promises to usher in new opportunities and solidify its European path.

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