Municipality Organizes “Days of Chișinău in Vienna” to Promote Moldovan Culture and Traditions

The City Hall of Chișinău is hosting the “Days of Chișinău in Vienna,” an event aimed at promoting Moldovan culture and traditions, inviting all citizens of the Republic of Moldova residing in the Austrian capital and its surroundings to participate.

The event will take place on Friday, June 23, starting at 7:00 PM, at the Das-MuTh – Konzertsall concert hall in Augartenspitz Park. Beloved artists and musical groups from the Republic of Moldova, including Maestro Eugen Doga, Brio Sonores, Camerata Chișinău, Natalia Tanasiiciuc, and Vitalie and Cătălin Advahov, will perform.

“The Days of Chișinău in Vienna” represents a unique opportunity to showcase the values and cultural richness of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, the event serves as a platform for communication and idea exchange between the local public authorities of Chișinău and the Moldovan community in Austria, offering citizens the chance to express their concerns and opinions regarding the development of the city.

“We aim to build strong bridges between our compatriots who, even though they are far from home, are deeply concerned about the issues in our country because they still have relatives, friends, and loved ones here. Such gatherings are intended to strengthen Moldovan unity and spirit, regardless of where each of us is located. We have a very fruitful collaboration with the authorities in Vienna,” stated Ion Ceban, the Mayor of Chișinău.


During the event, relevant information about municipal projects and programs will be provided to Moldovans in Vienna. This includes the Youth and Migrant Support Program – Business Support, the upcoming diaspora program and office that will be established in Chișinău, as well as other topics of interest to citizens.

The “Days of Chișinău in Vienna” represents not only a cultural celebration but also a platform for fostering connections, dialogue, and mutual understanding between the Moldovan diaspora and the city’s authorities. It aims to strengthen the bonds between the Moldovan community abroad and their home country, creating a sense of belonging and shared aspirations.

The City Hall of Chișinău is committed to promoting cultural exchanges, building networks, and ensuring the active participation of the Moldovan diaspora in shaping the future of Chișinău. By fostering collaboration between citizens and local authorities, the event aims to enhance the dialogue and engagement needed for the development and progress of the city.

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