NATO Pledges Strong Support for Moldova’s EU Aspirations and Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Path

Ukraine will become a member of the European Union and NATO, it is “a certain thing,” said Mircea Geoană, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, on Thursday at the opening of the Aspen – GMF Bucharest Forum, as reported by Agerpres.

“Regarding the timeline and the conditions united for such decisions, it is a matter decided by allies through consensus. We must continue to support Ukraine primarily in winning this war and consolidating its Euro-Atlantic path. From Romania’s experience, the path to the EU and the path to NATO may seem separate, but they are highly complementary. Therefore, any step towards European integration helps NATO integration, and any step in the relationship with NATO helps European integration, and we work with our EU partners to avoid duplicating efforts,” explained Geoană.

He expressed “extreme joy” regarding the European Commission’s approval to start accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

“Especially for the Republic of Moldova, it is fabulous news,” Geoană added, mentioning support for the goal of Chisinau’s EU accession by 2030.

“It is an objective that we all support, and NATO and the European Union are common partners of the Republic of Moldova, and we will help them with all our might to achieve this goal and break free from the curse of geography in a way. I think we, as Romanians, have an additional obligation and an unexpected chance to see all our neighbors as part of the same family,” Geoană said.

According to him, in the future, Romania will be geographically in the center of the Euro-Atlantic community.

“I am absolutely convinced that Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and the Western Balkans will be part of the same family with us, and we, as leaders at the international level and leaders of this country, believe that we have every interest in having only friends around us and countries that are part of the same family with us. For the first time in history, Romania would no longer be a frontier country of the West but would be part of the center of the Euro-Atlantic community,” stated the Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

He added that he does not feel fatigue in terms of the efforts of allied countries to support Ukraine.

“Our leaders in the Euro-Atlantic world and our global partners continue to support Ukraine. We have a perfect understanding that the fate of Ukraine is important not only for Ukraine and Europe but also for how the entire world will look,” emphasized Geoană.

According to him, the only problem is that “we do not yet have enough production capacity to help Ukraine in the quantities and at the pace they request.”

The Deputy Secretary General of NATO highlighted that in the current security context, “we do not have the luxury of not being able to look in parallel at an important issue in Ukraine, and we will help Ukraine succeed in this war and become part of the Euro-Atlantic family.”

“It is something I am confident we will do,” he conveyed.


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