New challenges for farmers! The rain affected the table grapes

After the two-month drought, in early August it rained in almost all regions of the country (about 15-35 mm). The precipitation improved to a very small extent the condition of perennial plantations that are not equipped with irrigation systems, taking into account the very high lack of moisture in the soil. At the same time, winegrowers mention that, after the short rainy period, on many plantations of table grapes, the process of berry cracking has begun, writes east-fruit.

According to viticulture experts, the cracking of the berries was caused more by the cooling of the weather than by the precipitation. Due to the warm and dry weather, the cracking process will not be as long as it was in 2019.

The decrease in grape quality will only be felt by the domestic market, in the short term, the producers hope.

In the first week of August, wholesale prices for table grapes of red varieties fell on average from 20 lei/kg to 17 lei/kg, white varieties – from 20 lei/kg to 14 lei/kg. The process of reducing the price of this product is slowing down compared to the situation in the last ten days of July. However, table grapes, depending on the specific variety, are already cheaper than at the same time last year by 10-53%.


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