Development partners have provided the Border Police of Moldova with “Toys”

The Border Police will have from now on new and modern equipment. from the development partners, intended to strengthen the capacities to respond to the challenges witnessed at the state border. More precisely, it is about (mobile document readers, computers, daters) and means of transport, for expanding the response capacities to emergency situations, as well as increasing the resilience potential for securing the borders of the Republic of Moldova and those of the European Union.

During the official reception event that took place in PTF Palanca and SPF Tudora, Chief Commissioner Diana Salcutan informed the development partners about the current situation at the state border and the measures taken by the border police, including the management of the refugee crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine, as well as the planned measures that will ensure an effective mechanism in case of another migration influx.

At the same time, the process of documenting refugees in the PTF Palanca in crisis conditions was presented, a demonstration exercise was carried out regarding the contingency activity of the additional border crossing point, as an immediate first response to a potential influx of migrants on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


For their part, the development partners highly appreciated the efforts made and the strong commitment shown by the Border Police in the effective management of the state border in crisis situations, including humanitarian ones, ensuring openness and support in this regard

“With your support, our subdivisions have managed to ensure the humane treatment of refugees and third parties arriving from Ukraine, strengthening the capabilities to ensure the effective management of the state border. In this way, I want to communicate to you with the greatest gratitude that you are faithful partners of the Border Police, who put their shoulders in the most difficult times. Thank you for your support and unprecedented cooperation!”, said Daniela Salcutan, interim deputy head of the Border Police.

In conclusion, as a sign of gratitude for fruitful collaboration, responsiveness and support in joint activities, IOM Moldova representative Diana Bojenco was decorated with the IGPF “For Cooperation” Medal.

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