Nicu Popescu in Brussels: The future of Moldova and its citizens is in the EU!

The European Union welcomes the efforts of the Republic of Moldova to continue its reform agenda and fulfill the nine recommendations of the European Commission in order to advance to a new stage in the relationship with the EU. For its part, Moldova reaffirmed its determination to honor its commitments in order to start accession negotiations as soon as possible. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, summarizing his visit to Brussels.

“The message of the European officials is a firm one: “The future of Moldova and its citizens is in the European Union!” Thank you, Europe!”, Popescu wrote.

Nicu Popescu also stated that the Republic of Moldova and the EU reiterated their commitment to strengthen the political association and deepen economic integration, cooperating closely based on a mutual commitment to reforms and common values of democracy, the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms, the state right.

“These values guided us in the Association Agreement and our road to European accession and transformation will also be cemented on them. We appreciated the Union’s strong message for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, our objective being a common one: a comprehensive, peaceful, and sustainable solution to the Transnistrian conflict, based on our sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders”, emphasized Popescu.


According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Chisinau, the Association Council recognized the complicated geopolitical environment caused by Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, expressing on this occasion its full support for the next Summit of the European Political Community to be held in our country on June 1, 2023.

“I am grateful to our team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the mission to the EU, and the embassy of our country in Brussels who worked efficiently, organized, and coordinated together with the team of the Prime Minister and colleagues from the Government for the excellent organization of the Association Council”, concluded Popescu.

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