Number of NATO Projects in Republic of Moldova Tripled, Says Ambassador Viorel Cibotaru

In an interview with Radio Moldova, the Chief of the Republic of Moldova’s mission to NATO, Ambassador Viorel Cibotaru, announced that the number of projects between the Republic of Moldova and NATO, under the Defense Capacity Building Program of the Republic of Moldova, has tripled, increasing from 6 to 18.

According to the diplomat, the intensification of relations has been influenced by the unjustified aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and the decisions made at the NATO Summit in June 2022.

“NATO asked the Republic of Moldova if you need assistance, please formulate it. The Republic of Moldova, our institutions, have formulated a series of needs related to the organization of the armed forces, the capacity building of certain capabilities unrelated to the armed forces, but in one way or another, they are part of it. For example, the Carabinieri is an entirely new project that has emerged recently. After reviewing this list, a political decision was made by NATO, which was formulated as tailored support, thus an extended support for the Republic of Moldova. In May 2022, there were six projects on paper, three real projects, and now we have 18 projects,” stated Ambassador Viorel Cibotaru.


All projects have a specific implementation period ranging from six months to six years.

Furthermore, Viorel Cibotaru announced that within the Resilience Project, a support team for the Republic of Moldova in the field of resilience has been formed. This is a new concept developed by both NATO and the European Union, which previously had great success in the Ukraine-NATO relationship. Three major meetings have taken place as part of this activity, two in Chisinau and one in Bucharest. The ambassador further added that NATO is planning to develop a project to lay the groundwork for a hyper-project on resilience.

The increased number of projects and the formation of a resilience assistance team demonstrate the strengthening of the Republic of Moldova’s collaboration with NATO. These initiatives will contribute to enhancing the defense capabilities and overall resilience of the country. As the implementation of these projects progresses, it is expected that the Republic of Moldova will further solidify its partnership with NATO, ensuring greater security and stability in the region.

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