Odobescu Advocates for Moldova’s Swift EU Accession Talks Amidst Ongoing Geopolitical Challenges

‘Romania is making every effort to ensure that Moldova and Ukraine start negotiations on joining the European Union as soon as possible. Following the recommendation made by the European Commission last week, unanimity needs to be ensured at next month’s meeting of EU heads of state and government, and Bucharest is acting towards this goal,’ stated yesterday the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, Luminița Odobescu, during an intervention on Radio Romania.

According to Minister Odobescu, Bucharest continues diplomatic efforts to obtain the necessary unanimity to open accession negotiations with the two states by the end of this year.

‘The signals are positive and encouraging, and it is crucial to recognize the efforts of both states regarding the implementation of reforms. The main political message that the European Union must convey these days is that there is no room for hesitation, no room for fatigue in the firm and constant support that we must continue to provide to Ukraine, especially given the current context marked by multiple crises.’


The Foreign Minister also stated that Romania agrees with new sanctions against Moscow.

‘It is essential for the EU to maintain pressure on Russia, and in this context, Romania has expressed support for the adoption of the 12th package of sanctions before the end of this year,’ concluded the official from Bucharest.

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