Over 32 Moldovan IT Professionals Visit Stockholm: Exploring Business Opportunities and Strengthening Ties

Between November 7-9, a delegation of 32 individuals, representing 12 IT companies from the Republic of Moldova, visited Stockholm. This initiative took place within the framework of a new stage of collaboration between the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Stockholm, the National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium), Open Trade Gate Sweden, and the Invest Moldova Agency, aligned with the Embassy’s “FromAid2Trade” strategy.

The primary purpose of this visit was to facilitate the exploration and promotion of products and services from Moldovan IT, ICT, and AI companies in the Swedish market.

Through workshops, company visits, and networking events, participants had the opportunity to better understand the needs and opportunities in this business environment. This project and the established collaboration will significantly contribute to strengthening commercial relations between companies in the Republic of Moldova and Sweden. Participants had the chance to establish valuable connections with key figures and centers in the IT industry, laying the groundwork for future lucrative collaborations and major investment projects.

Open Trade Gate Sweden, managed by the National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium), played an essential role, from the Swedish side, in supporting companies from developing countries to expand their exports to Sweden and the European Union. Following the strengthened collaboration between the Embassy and Kommerskollegium, this program received political mandate from the government to promote Moldovan exports to the EU, with a focus on the IT and agriculture sectors. The implementation of this project is supervised by Mr. Anders Ahnlid, the Director-General of the institution, as stated in a press release from the Moldovan Embassy in the Nordic Countries.

At the same time, the Embassy “expresses appreciation for the efforts made by the Investment Agency of the Republic of Moldova in creating an efficient platform to promote exports in the IT industry and supports the continuation of this program according to the calendar plan until 2025. The next stage involves the participation of companies in the prestigious global IT event, Stockholm Tech Show, in May 2024.”

“With satisfaction, we note the increased interest of Moldovan companies in expanding their presence in the Swedish market and subsequently in other Nordic markets. We are confident that this experience will significantly contribute to consolidating their position in the region, considering that Stockholm is a central point of attraction for experts, consumers, talents, and venture investments in Northern Europe.”

As part of one of the four priority areas of activity of the Embassy with Kommerskollegium (strengthening institutional capacities in the EU accession process, transitioning to high-performance agriculture through EU certifications and access to the Swedish market, promoting the wine industry, promoting the IT industry), this visit and the active participation of Moldovan IT companies represent a significant step in consolidating commercial relations and expanding exports to the Swedish market. The increase in Moldovan exports to Sweden, coupled with enhanced development assistance, not only contributes to economic growth and job creation but also creates a more favorable political atmosphere in Sweden, promoting the idea that the aid given to our country is an investment with significant returns. The Embassy continues to support and encourage such initiatives that mutually benefit all parties involved, as stated in the same press release.

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