President Maia Sandu Urges Church Unity Amidst Moldovan Priest Controversy

“It is clear that the war has made everyone see the reality, and the question is obvious. How can the Russian Church support the war and the killing of innocent people? This question is also raised by the Church in the Republic of Moldova.” The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, commented on Monday evening, November 13, in the “360 Degrees” show, on the current situation of Moldovan priests.

“It is important for our parishioners and, as we feel, that we want peace, that the borders of all countries must be respected, the church cannot stand aside and pretend not to see what is happening. The letter from Metropolitan Vladimir, for me, meant a closeness to reality. We must be together, including the church, for the good of the country and its people. Our good is peace, the possibility to improve our lives,” said the head of state.

Maia Sandu had previously commented on the letter from Metropolitan Vladimir to Patriarch Kirill. At that time, she believed that the church should align with the goal of EU accession.

On September 5 of the current year, Metropolitan Vladimir sent a letter to Patriarch Kirill, in which he, in turn, expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the Orthodox Church of Moldova is treated by the Russian Orthodox Church. At the same time, the high church figure wrote to Patriarch Kirill that the Metropolis of Bessarabia, “openly supported by the Romanian Patriarchy, by the Republic of Moldova, and Romania, has shown that it is a force that can no longer be stopped and that seems to want and will achieve the restoration of its historical rights, while the Metropolis of Chisinau and Moldova is just a secondary and useless element on the religious, social, and cultural scene of our country.”


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