Success for Team Moldova: Securing 3rd Place in the World Fishing Championship in Italy

For five days, the World Fishing Championship took place in the city of Mantova, Italy. The competition, organized in the form of a sports festival, brought together participants from 12 countries. Moldova managed to secure the 3rd place, accumulating a total score of 277 points, as reported by Gazzetta di Mantova.

On Sunday, November 12, the final stage of the competition took place, and representatives of Romania managed to take the first position. Romanian fishermen surpassed those from the Netherlands, the leaders at the end of the first stage of the competition held on Saturday, November 11. Romania finished the final stage with 19.5 penalties and 350 points, overtaking the Netherlands by just one penalty.

Admixer “A success for the organization, favored by truly excellent weather and rewarded by the presence of many curious and enthusiastic people who came from afar. A beautiful place for fishing,” mentioned the president of the Fipsas Mantova organization, Umberto Pavesi.

Participants who competed in pairs managed to rank in the following positions:

  • #1. Latvians Malmeistars Gatis and Briedis Janis;
  • #2. Ukrainians Daniil Ponomarenko and Vitali Azarov;
  • #3. Romanians Vlad Dumitrescu and Liviu Parashiv.

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