Păcală and Tândală Have Become Trickster and Slacker! Moldovan Folk Tales, Sold in English on Amazon

“The Legends of Childhood Return! The Series of Moldovan and Ukrainian Folk Tales Has Been Relaunched, Currently Available on Amazon, in all Librarius Bookstores across the country, and in online bookshops.

The books can already be purchased online at Librarius.md, in network bookstores, and in GoodNews stores. For the first time, the stories of Păcală and Tândală have also appeared in English. The beloved characters have become Trickster and Slacker, and the English edition of ‘Folk Tales of Moldova‘ and ‘Folk Tales of Ukraine‘ can be ordered on Amazon worldwide.


HB Media Publishing, the company that has relaunched the celebrated Folk Tales series, aims to make Moldova’s folk treasure known worldwide through the stories that have colored our childhoods. The producer believes that these stories are absolutely essential for children, but they need a fresh packaging that intrigues and attracts.

The editors have taken care to make the stories more relatable to the realities in which modern children live, while keeping the little ones of today close to traditions and values, helping them perceive the difference between good and evil.”

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