PAS presented the first year report

The Action and Solidarity Party came out in front of the Parliament, together with the Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița, one year after obtaining the parliamentary majority.

Deputies reminded that Moldova has received the status of a candidate for European integration, about the increase of pensions and salaries, with the fact that they compensated the bills after the increase of tariffs, with the increase of the number of medicines offered for free. They also talked about business support, agricultural subsidies, social assistance reform and the“ European village ”program.

“We are a nation of Europeans who want to return home. We saw who our friends are and where our future is. I promise you that we will do everything in our power to be equal members of the European Union. I promise you we will continue to do things so that Moldovans live better, and we do what we promise, no matter how complicated it may be “, said the President of the Legislature, Igor Grosu.


The Vice President of the Parliament, Mihai Popșoi, spoke about equality before the law and about the formation of European Moldova. The deputy is confident in the success of the objective. Moreover, he gave a speech for Russian-speaking citizens.

“European integration is about improving everyone’s life, regardless of language, religion or political preferences. The path to European integration will not be easy, but together we will be able to overcome the difficulties, regardless of problems and propaganda. Citizens now understand who is their friend and who helps them. Every citizen wants peace and trust for tomorrow “, said the parliamentarian.

In her turn, Natalia Gavrilița pointed out that she will also present the detailed report of the Executive next month. She claims that “Moldova did not have money, because it did not trust its partners.”

“Dear Moldovans, you voted for good times and good people. Even though we are going through hard times and we are like people subject to mistakes, we have not forgotten what we promised. I am now here to tell you with confidence that we will pass this period of crisis. They remain dedicated to our cause: “A better Moldova”, concluded the head of the cabinet of ministers.

Following the early parliamentary election in 2021, PAS gained the parliamentary majority and took over the Executive. The elections took place against the background of the political and pandemic crisis, being followed by several failed attempts by the previous Legislature to vote for a new Government after the cabinet led by Ion Chicu resigned.

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