(PHOTO) Moldovan traditional shirts conquer Sweden

On the eve of Sweden’s National Day, Moldovan traditional shirts crossed the Arctic Circle, attracting the admiration of dozens of cultural figures, officials, politicians, artists, and Swedish guests who attended the opening of the exhibition “Practicing our Knowledge” at the Aurora Kulturhus art gallery in Kiruna, Sweden. This exhibition presents 15 works by 15 women from the Republic of Moldova.

For five days, the four representatives of the Moldovan community – Parascovia Lepadatu and Nadia Minzu from MaiestrIA in action, together with Cristina Dan and Irina Briceag from Shezatoarea Basarabiei – held activities and practical workshops, exchanging experiences with women from the northern parts of Sweden, where the Sami and Lanta people live.

Our traditional shirt, included on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity List, conquered the souls of the warm and hospitable of northern Sweden, who were fascinated by our stories, which aroused their curiosity and interest.

Until 14 July, our traditional shirts are at the center of cultural life in a vast Swedish region, from the coast of the Baltic Gulf to the Arctic Ocean.


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