PHOTO The famous international edition “National Geographic” published an advertising article about Chisinau

On December 24, the renowned international publication National Geographic featured an advertising article spotlighting Chisinau, as announced by the Mayor’s Office of the Moldovan capital and Mayor Ion Ceban. The eagerly anticipated article, set to grace the pages of the magazine’s global print version, is poised to introduce Chisinau as an enticing new destination for readers worldwide, according to the capital’s authorities.

Emphasizing the significance of this coverage, the Chisinau Mayor’s Office highlighted that Moldova’s mention in National Geographic dates back to 2017, with Chisinau never previously recognized as an attractive tourist destination.


“This article is an invitation for readers to explore Chisinau as a fresh destination, kindling interest in local gastronomy, wines, culture, events, and the city’s verdant parks and recreational spaces,” stated the Mayor’s Office.

While the article prominently features Chisinau’s lush parks, it primarily focuses on Moldovan wines and the richness of national cuisine. It is important to note that this feature is a paid advertisement. The Chisinau Mayor’s Office underscored that this media promotion aligns with the tourism development strategy for 2022-2026, titled “Chisinau – Tourist Capital,” reflecting the city’s commitment to positioning itself prominently on the global tourism map.

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