Piracy in Moldova. Copyright law – broken

Members of the National Employers’ Association of Radio Broadcasters from the Republic of Moldova, in an open letter to Prime Minister Dorin Recean, claim that the new copyright law is non-functional. As of early 2023, AGEPI has not yet designated any Collective Management Organization (CMO) empowered to issue licenses to users.

The association claims to have informed AGEPI about this fact, as well as the fact that due to AGEPI’s inaction, all copyright and related rights users, especially those in the broadcasting industry – all TV and radio stations – have been placed outside the law. Daily activities have been transformed into acts of piracy, regardless of their willingness to operate legally.

Broadcast users have acted in good faith and have complied with exemplary and mandatory conditions for copyright and related rights for many years.

Placing the activities of all users outside the law generates significant daily risks of being sanctioned by rights holders for the illegal exploitation of works. It should be noted that in the case of multiple sanctions, these risks could lead to the bankruptcy of all users in the broadcasting industry – all TV and radio stations.


The association’s efforts towards AGEPI, as well as their warning of the risks generated by the law’s non-compliance, but particularly its dysfunctionality, have yielded no results. AGEPI’s response refers to completely different issues, substituting the object of the association’s request.

In their letter, the National Association of Broadcasters calls for immediate solutions to the risks mentioned and respectfully requests the urgent intervention of the government and informing the ANPR of the designated CMOs as collectors. Users must conclude licensing contracts to ensure their legal activities.

Earlier this year, BANI.MD reported that the new copyright law left authors without revenue. The situation remains unresolved, and the association urges the government to take action to protect users’ and creators’ rights.

Scrisoare Deschisa Anprrm by Victor Ursu

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