President Maia Sandu Addresses Youth Migration and Reforms at Bled Strategic Forum

President Maia Sandu stated today at the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia that the migration rate is now lower in the Republic of Moldova than before, but changes are still necessary in various areas to encourage people to choose to stay at home. The discussion took place in the context of the topic of youth migration and the challenges they face in their countries.

The head of state listed several reasons that have driven youth migration over the years, citing gaps in the education system, lack of economic opportunities, and the desire for freedom. She emphasized that there were regimes that did not respect human rights, as reported by Radio Chișinău.

“We still need to make irreversible changes in Moldova, but we have achieved a lot. We have begun a difficult and long fight against corruption, which is not easy, but today in Moldova, we have full political support in the Government and Parliament, and we will continue the fight. We need to involve young people in politics. Probably today, we have the largest number of young people in Parliament in history. We have a quota for women, with 40% of parliament members being women. We have many young people in the Government today. And we have a few people from the diaspora who have returned home from abroad. Of course, it is not yet a critical number to bring about change, and we understand that we need to make efforts and undertake many reforms to persuade young people, first and foremost, not to leave, and then at least partially, to encourage those who have left to return to Moldova,” said Maia Sandu.


The Bled Strategic Forum is an annual international conference organized since 2006 in Bled, Slovenia. Its purpose is to bring participants from various fields with diverse knowledge to exchange opinions and seek solutions for current and future challenges.

Furthermore, the forum serves as a unique opportunity for meetings and relationship-building with stakeholders.

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