President Sandu’s Mayors’ Forum: Building Moldova’s European Future

On December 9, an event will be organized for all elected mayors interested in leveraging opportunities associated with European integration. The Forum is organized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

Dear elected mayors, in the next four years, it will depend on you how our communities develop. The people have entrusted you with their confidence and support, hoping that you will work to build villages and cities where we enjoy living and take pride in. I want us to discuss how we can achieve these things together. I invite you to the Mayors’ Forum, scheduled for December 9, to lay the foundation for a beneficial collaboration for all citizens.

The head of state stated in her announcement. Admixer The President emphasized that the objective of central and local authorities is to create strong communities, improve living conditions at home, and transform Moldova into a European country.

You, the elected officials, are on the front line in addressing the needs of the residents. You listen to them every day, and on your shoulders rests the fulfillment of the most urgent and natural things – water for all, safe transportation, modern kindergartens and schools, well-arranged villages and cities. Only together – central administration and local administration – can we meet these requirements and improve the lives of all Moldovans. See you on December 9 at the Mayors’ Forum!

President Maia Sandu added.


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