Prime Minister Gavrilita: We need decisive actions to get well through this winter

The Prime Minister, Natalia Gavrilița, came with a message at the beginning of autumn announcing the Government’s plans to support the population and the business environment. The official stated that we have an autumn of determined actions ahead of us so that people, economic agents and the whole society get through the winter well. Winter preparations are taking place at a fast pace, whether we are talking about heat – energy and wood – for people, or other needs.

“It is important to have clarity, compassion and courage in the period ahead. As people, as families, as a country we can get through crises and we will get through all these crises we are facing. The government is organizing itself in this sense”, declared Gavrilița.


“Moldova needs each of us. Let’s support each other, let’s inspire each other, let’s succeed together. We come out of crises through growth, or growth is our priority this fall. We thank you for your patience and please have faith in us, in you, in Moldova!”, said the Head of the Executive during the speech.

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