Republican referendum on EU membership could be organized on election day

A republican referendum can be organized on the day of parliamentary, presidential, and local elections. Parliament voted in favor of an amendment to the draft law aimed at improving the electoral process.

The initiative is also aimed at ensuring transparency and fairness of the elections, the press service of the Parliament reports.

The proposal to amend the Electoral Code came from the faction of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), which calls for “eliminating some legislative shortcomings, including those of a technical nature, identified during the local elections this fall.”

According to the authors, the proposed changes will contribute to the improvement of electoral procedures and avoid regulatory interpretations by the subjects involved in the electoral process.

“The authors propose to adjust in the Electoral Code the concepts related to election campaigning and in the Register of Electoral Officials. They also propose measures for transparency of information on campaign financing and activities of political parties. At the same time, as regards the applicability of the provisions of the Electoral Code to the period of presidential elections, the authors note that it is necessary to make a distinction in terms of the criteria determining their organization,” the Legislative Body said.

The draft law amending the Electoral Code and the Law on Political Parties was approved in the second reading by 58 MPs.

After three years as President of Moldova, Maia Sandu proposed to organize a republican referendum on EU accession at the same time as the presidential election. The Central Election Commission noted that according to the law, it is impossible to organize two electoral events at the same time, and PAS MP Veronica Rosca submitted an amendment modifying the provisions.

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