The control system in the agri-food sector will be aligned with EU practices

The draft law on official controls in the agri-food sector has been adopted by Parliament in the second reading, with the vote of 59 deputies.

The document, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, harmonizes national legislation with European Union legislation in food safety, sanitary, and phytosanitary policies, a commitment undertaken by the Republic of Moldova through the Association Agreement with the EU.

The project aims to establish a legal framework to increase the level of protection of human health, animal health, food safety, and feed safety.

The new law regulates the conduct of official controls concerning animals, plants, and goods entering the Republic of Moldova from other countries, to protect human, animal, and plant health.


The authority responsible for organizing and conducting official controls in the agri-food sector will be the National Food Safety Agency (ANSA).

The document also includes a set of rules aimed at preventing risks that genetically modified organisms or phytosanitary products could generate, and its provisions apply to the entire agri-food chain, from production and trade to the export of animal products.

The new law will come into force 24 months after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

Upon the entry into force of this law, the Law on Official Controls for compliance with legislation on animal feed and food products and health and welfare standards for animals will be repealed.

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