Dorin Recean: ‘We must build Europe at home, through joint effort’

The opportunities for the development of the northern region of the country were discussed during the meeting of Prime Minister Dorin Recean with representatives of local public authorities and decentralized services in the city of Bălți.

In discussions with mayors, the Prime Minister referred to the necessity of modernizing the regional infrastructure in the northern part of the country through investment projects provided by European partners, as well as through the increase in local government revenues.

“The government has increased the salaries of mayors, deputy mayors, and council secretaries. Now you have the motivation and tools needed to increase local revenues. We must build Europe at home, renovate roads, kindergartens, schools, and universities. The government has completed the financing procedure for the Bălți Regional Hospital, we inaugurated a new headquarters for the State Service for Emergency Situations, but the contribution of local elected officials in the modernization of our country is also important,” said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

Additionally, the head of the Executive emphasized the need for better exploration of the economic potential in the region and the creation of opportunities to attract investors and promote business development. In this context, the Prime Minister encouraged mayors to promote the opportunities offered within the government’s “373” program. This year, over 100 entrepreneurs have already benefited from the program, with a total project investment value of nearly half a billion lei.

During the meeting, issues related to water supply in the city of Bălți, as well as losses of electrical energy caused by inadequate financial resource management over the past years, were discussed. These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible by local public authorities.

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