Romania and Moldova Sign Energy Memorandum at Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum

In a significant development for energy cooperation in the region, Romania and the Republic of Moldova have signed a memorandum in the field of energy. The agreement was established during the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum.

The announcement was made by the Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă, in Bucharest. According to him, the agreement will focus on the activities of energy institutions and authorities in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, aiming to enhance collaboration and promote the efficient use of energy resources.

Taking place in Bucharest from May 18th to 19th, the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum is hosting its seventh edition. The event aims to become the largest and most relevant platform for security discussions in the extended Black Sea region.

Representing the Republic of Moldova at the forum are Prime Minister Dorin Recean, Energy Minister Victor Parlicov, Interior Minister Ana Revenco, as well as experts Igor Munteanu and Iulian Groza.

The signing of the energy memorandum underscores the commitment of both Romania and the Republic of Moldova to strengthening their bilateral relations and fostering cooperation in the energy sector. By sharing expertise, knowledge, and resources, the two countries seek to address common challenges and create opportunities for sustainable development.


Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă emphasized the importance of the memorandum, stating, “This agreement represents a significant step forward in our joint efforts to develop a resilient and secure energy sector. It lays the foundation for increased cooperation and coordination between our countries, leading to mutual benefits and progress in the field of energy.”

The memorandum is expected to facilitate the exchange of best practices, joint projects, and investment opportunities in the energy sector. It will provide a framework for collaboration in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure development, and the diversification of energy sources.

Both Romania and the Republic of Moldova possess significant energy potential and are committed to utilizing it sustainably and efficiently. By joining forces, they aim to strengthen regional energy security, enhance energy diversification, and contribute to the achievement of climate change goals.

The signing of the memorandum at the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum reflects the growing importance of energy cooperation in the region. As the forum continues, participants will engage in discussions and deliberations on various security challenges, including those related to energy, with the goal of fostering stability, cooperation, and prosperity in the Black Sea and Balkans region.

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