Romania to provide drinking water for several districts in Moldova

Residents of Ungheni, Nisporeni, Glodeni, and Fălești districts will have access to natural drinking water supply resources. During yesterday’s plenary session, the Parliament voted for the ratification of an Agreement concluded between Romania and our country, which provides for the construction of an aqueduct. At the same time, the Amendment Protocol regarding the regulation of the construction of new aqueducts was also ratified.

The aqueduct that will be built will have a length of 54 kilometers. Thus, over 15 thousand people, from 13 localities, will have access to drinking and quality water.

According to the Agreement, on the territory of Romania and on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, up to the interconnection points, including the border crossing, will be carried out by the regional water supply and sewerage operator from Romania. At the same time, expenses will be required, which will be borne by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, to connect the localities in the vicinity of the constructed aqueduct.


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