Romania will allocate 600 thousand dollars for the Defense Fund of the Republic of Moldova

The Bucharest government decided to allocate 600,000 USD for the Voluntary Fund for Strengthening the Defense Capacity of the Republic of Moldova (Moldova DCB Trust Fund).

The amount is part of a tranche totaling 1.4 million USD, Romania’s voluntary contribution to several Funds of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

At the same time, 400,000 USD will be allocated to Ukraine, 300,000 USD to Georgia and 100,000 USD to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


In this way, Romania strengthens its image as a security contributor at the level of the bilateral relationship with the respective states, the decision being consistent with the foreign policy and security interests of Bucharest, of strengthening the Eastern Flank, from the perspective of supporting the Euro-Atlantic path of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, it is mentioned in the Government Decision.

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