Romania will `give Moldova a hand` in the process of accession to the EU

Romania will provide advice to the Republic of Moldova in order to harmonize the national legislation with the European norms, in the context of submitting the application for the country’s accession to the European Union, notes

The initiative to create an advisory and guidance body, aimed at providing support to the Legislature, but also to other institutions committed to the European course of our country, was discussed at the meeting of the Joint Commission for European Integration between the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the Parliament of Romania that took place yesterday, April 14th, in Bucharest, resulting in the signing of a resolution.

According to the resolution adopted, after the end of the meeting, the activity of the advisory and guidance body will be carried out under the auspices of the Romanian Parliament. It will provide the necessary support in overcoming the shortcomings of the reform process to the rule of law, through the transfer of expertise between the two legislative institutions.

During the meeting of the two delegations, the efforts of the Republic of Moldova at governmental and parliamentary level were appreciated. At the same time, the Romanian deputies urged the EU states to have a deeper understanding of the realities and to maintain a permanent dialogue with our country in order to transfer expertise in the accession process.

The parliamentarians from both states have committed themselves to work more closely and efficiently in the European course of the Republic of Moldova.

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