Russia to restrict Moldovan imports?

Rosselkhoznadzor proposes the introduction of temporary restrictions on the import of Moldovan products on the grounds that “quarantine objects were detected in plant products from Moldova”.

“Rosselkhoznadzor expresses its concern about the increase in cases of detection of objects quarantined for member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in Moldovan plant products”, writes

Also, in the Rosselkhoznadzor message, it is mentioned that the supply of infected plant products from Moldova to the Russian Federation continues, despite the note sent by the service this July to consider the possible introduction of temporary restrictions.


According to the data presented by the Russians, in July there were 13 cases of detection of five types of quarantine objects for the EEU countries. These include the oriental moth, the oriental fruit fly and the Mediterranean fruit fly, as well as brown moniliasis rot and sage leaf ragweed.

The cited source also states that, in the last two years, 93 cases of detection of 11 types of quarantine objects, found in vegetable products that were imported from Moldova to the territory of Russia, were recorded.

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