Russians attack Ukraine through Moldova airspace!

In the context of this morning’s Russian air attacks on several cities in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense informs that on Monday, October 10, between 8:33 and 9:02 a.m., the specialized structures of the defense institution identified three aerial targets that flew over the space air of the Republic of Moldova.

According to The respective targets traveled in the following directions:

1. Ciornaia -Moghilev Podolsk (Ukraine) – Rîbnița – Soroca – Moghilev Podolsk;

2. Ciornaia – Voronovka (Ukraine) – Rîbnița – Rudi (Soroca);

3. Ciornaia (Ukraine) – Popencu village (Republic of Moldova) – Cineșcuți (Floresti) – in the direction of Ukraine.

These targets were confirmed, including by responsible structures from the Ministry of National Defense of Romania and Ukraine. At the same time, the targets were observed by the monitoring systems of the State Enterprise for the Use of Airspace and Air Traffic Service “MOLDATSA”.


The targets posed a danger to the infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova and, in particular, to civil aircraft flying over the country’s airspace. The Ministry of Defense, in collaboration with the responsible structures in the country, closely monitors the situation in the region, and strongly condemns the attacks of the Russian army on the cities of Ukraine, soldiers with casualties.

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