Slusari has joined the bloc of four pro-European parties: “Regarding my political preferences…”

Alexandru Slusari has joined the bloc consisting of the DA Platform (PPDA), the League of Cities and Communes (LOC), the Party of Change (PS), and the Coalition for Unity and Welfare (CUB). The speaker suggested that the formation could be broadened to include multiple candidates who may be nominated for the presidency.

“Regarding my political preferences, I have spoken publicly on the subject. However, based on the available information, I want to clarify my position. I support the creation of a bloc consisting of four genuine pro-European and national parties. I am acquainted with many of the representatives of these political parties. I recognise their potential and believe that the greatest value of this alliance lies in the team, which is better prepared for governing than the current PAS line-up,” announces Slusari.

In his opinion, many representatives of the bloc have practical achievements and “understand very well what national interest means.” The politician has stated that he is not interested in holding any office and does not wish to be included on the parliamentary lists.

” I am fully aware of the risks of any political alliance in Moldova. I understand that this construction may face opposition from both oligarchic and anti-European revanchist forces directed from the Russian Federation, as well as from the ruling party. The ruling party is crumbling under the pressure of its own incompetence but continues to assert that there is no alternative. I am more comfortable staying outside of politics. However, during this crucial period for the future of the Republic of Moldova, I am willing to get involved as I have nowhere else to go,” Slusari added.


The leader of the Farmers’ Force has resigned as executive director of the Association but has pledged to continue supporting the organization and farmers. The leaders of PPDA, CUB, PS and LOC have previously discussed presenting a single candidate from their side for the presidential elections. On the “In Profunzime” program on ProTV, Dinu Plingau discussed a list of potential candidates, which included Alexandru Slusari’s name. CUB leader Igor Munteanu also mentioned that Slusari’s name was among them.

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