“Relations between Chisinau and Comrat are stopped”: Alexander Tarnavski suggests ways out of the deadlock

The isolation of Gagauzia after the election of Eugenia Gutsul as bashkan is only getting worse. It is the opinion of the deputy of the People’s Assembly of the autonomy, Alexander Tarnavski. He urged the deputies of the People’s Assembly to restore the dialog with the central authorities at the parliamentary level, which was interrupted three months ago otherwise, in his opinion, the situation will only worsen.

“Officially, the relations between Chisinau and Comrat are stopped. The new bashkan was not included in the government. The autonomy has become isolated not only from the state authorities but also from international diplomats and investors. Some contacts are maintained only at the level of informal personal dialog,” the MP said.

According to him, to organize negotiations with the central authorities, some politicians and public figures from Gagauzia suggest sending a group of people with authority in the autonomy. However, the deputy emphasizes that this contradicts the legislation because “no one can speak on behalf of the institutions of power of Gagauzia and the Gagauz people.”

For his part, Tarnavski offers his variant on the possible resumption of dialog between Chisinau and Comrat.


“The most logical and acceptable, in my opinion, is a democratic change of power in Gagauzia through a one-time voluntary resignation of the deputies of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia and the Governor of Gagauzia. But there is no political will to use this option, first of all, of the Governor of Gagauzia.

The second way, the most realizable one, is the immediate resumption of the dialog at the level of the working group of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia,” Tarnavschi said.

We shall remind you that on December 12, at a meeting of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, local elected representatives decided to suspend for an indefinite period the participation of deputies from Gagauzia in the activity of the inter-parliamentary working group of the Parliament and PAG. The supporters of this idea said there is no use in negotiations now. Some opposed “closing the last door” in the relationship between Chisinau and Gagauzia.

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