SOROS Fundation took host children and refugee children to the camp

Two hundred refugee children from Ukraine and the families that hosted them went to the summer camp, with the support of the Soros Moldova Foundation.

The Soros Moldova Foundation, in partnership with the University Information Center and the Ministry of Education and Research, provided summer vacations for 200 children, most of whom are refugee children from Ukraine.

The Soros Moldova Foundation allocated the financial resources, and the University Information Center organizes the children’s rest, based on the lists proposed by the authorities of our country. Central authorities (Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection), local authorities (specialized institutions in the fields of education and social protection) and Refugee Accommodation Centers selected children who went to the camp.

“Many of these children will be going to school in just a few weeks. They left their homes, leaving behind their studies, friends and loved ones, but they found warmth and safety in our country. I hope that these children will easily fit into educational institutions. The Soros Foundation Moldova promotes the open society, which includes ensuring everyone’s access to a quality education”, said Petru Culeac, executive director of the Soros Foundation Moldova.


“Thanks to the financial support offered by the Soros Moldova Foundation, but also to the partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research, we were able to organize this summer camp for about 200 children from refugee families from Ukraine, as well as children from Moldova. We focused on the children’s recreation to help them forget, at least a little, the horrors of this war. At the same time, interacting with their peers from Moldova, through cultural, sports, entertainment and games, children from Ukraine will be able to integrate more easily into society, if their families decide to stay in our country for a longer period ”, said Angela Muset, executive director of the University Information Center.

Since the beginning of the war started by the Russian Federation against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Soros Moldova Foundation has supported several initiatives in support of refugees from Ukraine. One of the initiatives, carried out in partnership with the organization AVE Copii provides for the provision of 1000 refugee children with school supplies, and in partnership with CCF Moldova, the Soros Foundation Moldova supports the activity of five day care centers, which provide recreation services for hundreds of children, including refugees from Ukraine.

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