Support for the Republic of Moldova: Romania and the USA signed a joint declaration in support of our country

The eighth Meeting of the Strategic Dialogue between Romania and the United States of America, held on Tuesday in Bucharest, was completed by the adoption of a joint Declaration of the two states.

In the text of the Declaration, it is highlighted that the Romanian and American delegations paid special attention to the potential risk of the destabilizing actions of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea region, especially to the security and stability of the Republic of Moldova.

“Romania and the United States remain committed to supporting the democratically elected authorities of the Republic of Moldova, in their efforts to strengthen their political and economic resilience, to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to continue the process of European integration. We remain engaged in supporting the principles of independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and respect for international law, human rights, and fundamental freedoms, as the basis of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture,” the Joint Declaration says.

At the same time, Romania and the United States analyzed the progress made within the Strategic Dialogue, including joint efforts to support Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and the wider region.


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