Switzerland invested over one and a half million euros at Stefan Voda

The first Swiss investment in the Republic of Moldova of over one and a half million euros takes place benefits the citizens of Stefan Voda. The money were invested in the construction of a vegetable and fruit processing plant in the Balti Free Economic Subzone, writes Studio-L.

The Swiss company aims to purchase the raw material from small local producers and transform it either into frozen semi-finished products, pickles or even purees. The factory, which has more than 2 thousand square meters, has already been built, and the Swiss investor has started the process of recruiting staff and purchasing raw materials.

According to the administrator Vitalie Pintilie: “The business plan assumes that in the first year of activity, the volume of production will amount to 18 million lei. In the longer term, it is planned to expand production capacities and surfaces up to 10,000 square meters, with a corresponding increase in the volume of investments and jobs. Both frozen semi-finished products and finished products will be produced”


The company will be part of the Schoeni Food recipes, which are requested by consumers in Switzerland, but also in the countries of the European Union. Being a resident of the “Bălţi” Free Economic Zone, the company will export the entire volume of manufactured production, primarily – to Switzerland and the countries of the European Union.

,,Agricultural producers in the south of the Republic will have a reliable and safe buyer and agricultural production will develop immensely, I am glad that the city of Ștefan Vodă is slowly developing because I, as a young specialist in agronomy, have been looking for a job for more than 2 years here and I couldn’t find it. Now I have a real chance to work in my field.” These words were said by an young man who had come to talk about employment.

The enterprise will be fully automated, 30 jobs have already been created. Construction works are planned until the end of September 2022, after which the factory will be put into operation.

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