The American ambassador assures that the USA will provide Moldova with the necessary support

The US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Kent D. Logsdon, stated, during a TV show, that the US has increased the military assistance it wants to offer to our country.

“The USA, the EU, and other partners, we have all increased the assistance we want to offer to the Republic of Moldova, especially in the military sphere. We can think, plan, and see what it means to guard your constitutional neutrality in a very appropriate way. There are a lot of gaps and problems because no one has looked at the military aspects in this way. We will work with you in this area”, said the American ambassador.

At the same time, the American ambassador declared that for now, the Russian Federation is not planning a military attack on the Republic of Moldova.

“At the beginning of January, we and the partners, especially the US, were very open in providing the information that we have. Unfortunately, we had to tell people what to expect in February. People knew even if it was hard for us to believe that Russia was planning this terrible attack on Ukraine. It was clear that our information was correct. We will continue to monitor this situation. We have no indication that there are plans for a military attack on the territory of the Republic of Moldova by Russia, and that’s a good thing,” added Logsdon.


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