Ten women entrepreneurs from Moldova received a voucher of 60 thousand MDL

Ten business development projects led by women from the Republic of Moldova have benefitted from voucher-type financial support through the project “Support to local women producers in business development, for sustainable growth and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.” This is the second edition of the Voucher Support Programme, which was organized based on a competitive process. It provides 60,000 MDL of financial support to each project.

With the received funds, women entrepreneurs will be able to develop their businesses and increase their visibility in the market.

One of the Voucher Support Programme beneficiaries is Cristina Ceban, founder of MIRA.

Cristina Ceban

“We started our business in 2019, before the pandemic when everything was quite clear and calm. For the past three years, we have been pressing oils from pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, black cumin, even hemp seeds, sesame and grape seeds, and apricot kernels. These oils are unusual in our market; they are newer but also healthier,” said Cristina Ceban.

“We wanted a small business the whole family could be involved in, something we would enjoy doing, and we came up with this idea because we consume such oils, only in our country, and there is a poor choice of them,” added she.

The founder of MIRA also talked about some of the bureaucratic and financial difficulties entrepreneurs are facing in Moldova.

“As a producer, I would like, for example, the procedures to be simplified for the certification of the product, and the certification of the production section. Also, it would be great to have more grants, and vouchers, because they help us a lot. And it would be very good if the shops in our country offered a wider range of local products,” said Cristina Ceban.

“We were awarded a 60 000 lei voucher. It will help us a lot with the promotion; new labels, more attractive and more beautiful ones; larger industrial scales, which are more expensive and we need them; but also with other equipment necessary for production,” concluded she.


The Voucher Support Programme is implemented by Sweet Mary SRL and organized by UN Women with the financial support of Sweden.

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