The EU prepares a list of people to be sanctioned for destabilizing actions toward Moldova

The foreign ministers of EU member states have decided to create a sanctions regime against individuals who have taken actions to destabilize the Republic of Moldova. The decision was made at a meeting held in Luxembourg on April 24th.

The Romanian Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, welcomed the political agreement to establish a sanctions regime against those who have worked to destabilize Moldova and its constitutional order. He stated that the creation of this sanctions regime, in record time, is a concrete measure to increase the security and resilience of Moldova. It will also be a measure that will increase the security of Romania and its citizens. Romania is already working with the Moldovan authorities on the first list of individuals to be sanctioned under the regime, which will be proposed after the completion of the last procedural-formal stages related to the sanctions regime.


In addition to the sanctions regime, the meeting also decided to establish the EU Civil Partnership Mission in Moldova (EUPM Moldova).

During the meeting, the European foreign ministers discussed the aggression of Russia towards Ukraine, with the participation of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, via video conference. They also discussed the implementation of the EU Action Plan on the Geopolitical Consequences of the Russian Aggression against Ukraine on third-party countries.

The creation of this sanctions regime is an important step in increasing the security and stability of Moldova and the region. The EU continues to support Moldova in its democratic and economic reforms and in its efforts to maintain its independence and territorial integrity.

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