The head of state met with Penny Pritzker, the US special representative for the Reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy

President Maia Sandu met with Penny Pritzker, the US Special Representative for the Reconstruction of Ukraine’s Economy. The head of state emphasized the significance of ongoing US aid to Ukraine, which helps protect peace in our country by resisting the Russian invasion.

The discussion centred on the potential contribution of the Republic of Moldova to the reconstruction of Ukraine. Modern and safe roads and railways in our territory can improve connections between Ukraine, Romania, and the rest of the European Union, boosting regional trade and our economy. Additionally, our country is willing to host companies involved in Ukraine’s reconstruction to facilitate their access and further investment in the neighbouring country.


Officials discussed the impact of the war across the border on citizens and businesses. They also explored strategies to improve infrastructure, attract investment, and promote economic growth and job creation in our country. The United States continues to be a dependable ally for the Republic of Moldova in all of its efforts. President Maia Sandu expressed gratitude for the assistance provided to our country in overcoming the energy, economic, security, and humanitarian challenges of the past two years. She also expressed appreciation for the consistent partnership since independence.

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