The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow: The threat against Transnistria will be a threat against Russia

“The threat against Transnistria will be a threat against Russia.” The statement is made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

“In connection with the significant accumulation of personnel and military equipment of Ukrainian units near the Ukrainian border with Transnistria, as noted by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the deployment of artillery at firing points, as well as an unprecedented increase in the flights of unmanned aircraft of the Forces Armed forces of Ukraine over the territory of Transnistria, we warn the United States, NATO member countries and Ukrainians not to take risky steps. No one should be in any doubt that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will adequately respond to the provocation of the Kyiv regime if it does come, and ensure the protection of our compatriots, the Russian peacekeeping contingent, the military personnel of the Task Force of the Russian Forces and military warehouses,” notes Russian diplomacy.

The Russian Foreign Ministry points out that its military in the region will respond if there are threats. At the same time, the fact that Moscow wants peaceful solutions to the Transnistrian problem is invoked.


On Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense made two announcements about the possible escalation of the situation and alleged provocations that Kyiv is planning on the border with Transnistria. The Chisinau authorities say that the situation is under control, and there are no escalations in the security zone.

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