The presidency reacts to Zelenski’s statement about Russia’s plan to destroy Moldova

Maia Sandu constantly exchanges views on security in the region with counterparts, including Vladimir Zelenski. This is how the Presidency reacts to the statements of the Ukrainian leader, as if he informed her about possible risks for Moldova.

“The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, is in permanent contact with leaders of states and governments from European countries and with other external partners, including President Zelenski, with whom she has a continuous exchange of opinions and information regarding the situation in the region. Our responsible institutions work to ensure the security of the country and use all the informational help of partners to anticipate and prevent any attempts to undermine our state”, announces the authority.


Vladimir Zelenski announced at the Council of Europe that during a discussion with Maia Sandu he informed her about Moscow’s plan to change power from Chisinau. He said that he did not know whether or not an order for his execution had been given at the Kremlin.

SIS confirmed that such information was received. The authority, however, did not provide further details, citing the possible undermining of actions needed to counter the actions.

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