Ministry of the Interior: Risks to the security of the Republic of Moldova persist

The message of the Ukrainian president regarding the plan of the Russian Federation to change the political power in Chisinau is not new. The head of the Ministry of the Interior, Ana Revenco, claimed that the authorities of the Republic of Moldova already knew about the Kremlin’s intentions to destabilize the situation in the country through protests, energy blackmail, false bomb alerts, and media propaganda. The Minister of the Interior says that the dangers to the security of the Republic of Moldova have not disappeared, as actions specific to a hybrid war are still recorded, notes

Yesterday, during his speech to European leaders, Vladimir Zelenski mentioned that he had informed President Maia Sandu about Russia’s plans to change the government in Chisinau. The leader from Kyiv says that the Ukrainian secret services have obtained documents that confirm the Kremlin’s intention to take political control over the Republic of Moldova.

“This message is nothing new to all of us. What were the so-called protests last fall about? What was the whole string of false bomb alerts about? What were all the cyber attacks about? Massive and continuous propaganda? What is the energy blackmail about, against the background of which the price increase takes place? They are all elements of a hybrid war, designed to radicalize society and cause a dramatic level of destabilization. They are all part of a plan aimed at changing the democratic course of the country”, said Ana Revenco in the “Cabinetul din Umbra” show on JurnalTV.


After President Zelenski’s message regarding Russia’s plans to take control of the Republic of Moldova, the presidential institution in Chisinau announced that “responsible institutions work to ensure the security of the country and use all the informational help of partners to anticipate and prevent any attempts to undermine our state “.

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