The Recean Cabinet obtained the support of the Parliament. The ministers are being sworn in

The Recean Government obtained the support of the Parliament. The ministers are to go to the Presidency, to take the oath and be invested.

Recean was appointed prime minister and formed the cabinet after the resignation of Natalia Gavrilița. He “inherited” a good part of the ministers from his predecessor.

The new cabinet includes only four new ministers. Lilia Dabija comes to Infrastructure, Justice – Veronica Mihailov-Moraru, Finance – Veronica Sirețeanu, and Energy – Victor Parlicov.


In these moments, the ministers of the Recean Government take the oath, in the presence of the head of state. They have been waiting for Maia Sandu for more than an hour.

The opposition blocked the rostrum and chanted “aniticipate”, after it was not agreed with the majority how many MPs from the faction would speak. The communists and socialists plan to report to the Constitutional Court about violations in the appointment process and “mimicking consultations” with deputies.

The ministers of the Recean Government received the vote of confidence from 62 members of the Parliament. BCS and the Şor fraction did not vote.

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