The Republic of Moldova does not have the necessary resources to respond to a new military conflict. Nantoi: Moldova’s military financing amounts to 0.36 GDP

The Republic of Moldova lacks the resources to respond to a new military conflict. According to experts, Ukraine’s resilience in the war with Russia is the main reason for our country’s safety. They stressed on “Radio Moldova” that our country needs to invest significantly in defence or join the North Atlantic Organisation.

According to Action and Solidarity Party MP Oazu Nantoi, the Republic of Moldova has not modernised its defence capabilities in the past three decades to counter potential military aggression. He stated that neutrality alone cannot ensure the country’s security in the event of an attack from the Russian Federation. Currently, Ukraine protects us thanks to its resistance on the front line.

“Against whom can we fight back? Demographically, two million people, of which 700 thousand are pensioners. It is important to be realistic about our military funding, which currently stands at 0.36% of GDP. Our neutrality does not protect us. Today, Ukraine protects us. “Patriot” battery is so expensive. So, we’re talking about a downed Shahed drone, but what are you going to shoot down with a “Patriot” missile costing $1 million to $3 million?” asks Oazu Nantoi.

Former Defence Minister Vitalie Marinuta said that Moldova’s defence system has been neglected for the past 30 years, and to strengthen the defence sector, our country needs to invest 2% of GDP annually.

“The government is working to enhance our defence capabilities. Yet little or no action or investment has been taken over the past 30 years. Today, our military needs 2% of GDP to be strong and capable. We cannot give or take from farmers or the economy. For the army to build up as it should, we have to give it 8 billion lei per year,” Marinuta said.

For 2024, the Government has allocated approximately 2 billion lei to the defence sector, which is 262 million lei more than in 2023. However, spending in this area has not yet reached the Ministry of Defence’s target of at least 1% of GDP.


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