“This anti-Russian campaign will have consequences”: Moscow’s reaction to the banishment of Russian diplomats from Moldova

The Russian Foreign Ministry has spoken out about the reduction in the number of employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Moldova, calling it “an unfriendly step that will have consequences.” The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that “the responsibility for this lies entirely with the Moldovan leadership, which took an unjustified decision within the framework of a large-scale anti-Russian campaign unleashed by itself.”

“On August 14, employees of Russian foreign institutions in Moldova and members of their families, who were forced to leave the republic in connection with the decision of the Moldovan authorities to cut the staff of the Embassy, Trade Mission, and Russian Center of Science and Culture, returned to Moscow by a special flight.

This unfriendly step of official Chisinau will undoubtedly have consequences for Russian-Moldovan relations, but, first of all, it will affect the residents of both countries, whose opportunities to receive timely consular assistance, as well as to maintain business and cultural ties will be significantly reduced.

In this regard, we draw the attention of citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Moldova that the reduced staff of the Embassy of Russia, due to objective circumstances, will not be able to ensure the proper volume and timing of consular services. Also, the activity of the Trade Representation and the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Chisinau will be limited.

The responsibility for this lies entirely with the Moldovan leadership, which, as part of a large-scale anti-Russian campaign unleashed by itself, has taken an unjustified decision to significantly reduce the number of staff of Russian foreign missions in Moldova,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

At the end of July, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova significantly reduced the number of diplomatic staff of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. The decision is to be implemented from August 15.

More precisely, the Russian diplomatic composition would constitute ten people. They will be chosen by the officials of the Russian Federation. The restrictions also apply to technical, administrative, and service staff. Their composition would constitute 15 people. Currently, the Russian Embassy has approximately 70 employees.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, announced that the main reason for this decision is the continuous attempts to destabilize the internal situation in the country.

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