Those who work against the Republic of Moldova will be sanctioned, Sandu announces

Maia Sandu declared that “all those who work against the Republic of Moldova will be sanctioned”. The statements were made in the studio of the national television, the president being asked if Irina Vlah, the Governor of TAU Gagauzia is dangerous to the Republic of Moldova.

The President mentioned that she does not follow what Vlah says. At the same time, she offered assurances that the state is strengthening its capacities, in order to prevent possible security risks.

“I don’t follow her statements. All those who work in the Republic of Moldova, against the Republic of Moldova, will be sanctioned. We will strengthen the capacity of the institutions, and the legal framework, so that there are enough tools to detect and sanction acts against the Republic of Moldova, regardless of who commits them”, said Maia Sandu.


During the show, the president also declared, with reference to the Russian Federation, that Moldova will not be on the side of the aggressors. She also said that the arrest warrant on Putin’s name issued by the court in The Hague confirms that he is guilty of the war crimes committed in Ukraine

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