Two million grant for Balti’s energy efficiency financed by the European Union!

The European Union and Team Europe, including the EBRD, Sweden, Germany and Finland, extend their assistance to the municipality of Bălți. Thanks to the agreement signed yesterday, an additional grant of 2 million euros will be awarded to finance energy efficiency measures for the second largest city in the Republic of Moldova.

The funds offered will co-finance the construction of horizontal networks in over 296 buildings in the municipality of Balti, will be invested in the supply and installation of individual heating substations in 166 buildings. At the same time, the project provides the construction of heat collectors and the implementation of heat distribution, it will modernize the water treatment facilities to ensure reliable and automated operations, it will introduce digitalization to ensure the rapid detection of any heat agent leaks or equipment failures.


The grant worth 2 million euros is part of the total cost of the project, whose contribution from the EU and Team Europe is about 50 million euros, which will benefit 37,000 people from Balti and which will generate savings of energy up to 117,000 megawatts/hour per year, will contribute to saving 11,000 cubic meters of water and will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 23,000 tons per year.

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