UNFPA and the US have delivered 20 new ambulances to emergency medical teams in Moldova

The 20 high-performance ambulances are provided by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) with the financial support of the US Government and are part of the organization’s response to the humanitarian situation related to the refugee crisis. Ambulances will ensure access to emergency medical services for patients in critical conditions.

The cars were delivered today by the UNFPA Moldova team, together with Nigina Abaszada, the Resident Representative, and the US Embassy team in Chisinau, together with E.S. Kent D Logsdon, Ambassador of the United States of America. With the help of these ambulances, emergency medical assistance will be provided both to local residents in rural areas and to refugees.

According to UNFPA, this batch of ambulances is part of the ongoing efforts over the past year to support the national health system to cope with the increased pressure in the context of the refugee crisis, providing quality medical assistance to the local population and refugees from Ukraine.

“These ambulances that we are donating today will increase the mobility of medical personnel and provide urgent medical assistance to all people at risk. At the same time, considering that many requests from refugees are related to obstetric and gynecological needs, these ambulances increase access to reproductive health services, which save lives”, said Nigina Abaszada, UNFPA Moldova Resident Representative.


“The United States of America is proud to collaborate with the Republic of Moldova and UNFPA to support refugees and help the people of Moldova build a democratic, prosperous, and secure future,” said E.S. Kent D Logsdon, Ambassador of the United States of America in Chisinau.

19 ambulances are intended for emergency medical assistance points – PAMU Olănești, Volintiri, Copanca, Tocuz, Valea Perjei, Tvardița, Copceac, Cișmichioi, Cotiujenii Mari, Călărăseuca, Sudarca, Vadul lui Vodă, Molovata, Pripiceni-Răzeși, Vărănău, Călinești, Costești , Larga, Slobozia Mare. Also, an ambulance will receive the urgent medical assistance substation (SAMU) Dubăsari.

The value of the donation is 900,000 US dollars.

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