US Government Support Bolsters Moldova’s National Army with Protective Equipment and Infantry Weapons

The National Army has received a batch of assistance from the United States Government. The goods were provided as part of the modernization efforts and the enhancement of the defense capabilities of the Republic of Moldova, as reported by the Ministry of Defense.

The Defense Minister, Anatolie Nosatîi, stated that the agreement for the delivery of equipment was made in 2019. It supports the country’s efforts to reform and modernize its defense capabilities in line with international standards.

“The new equipment enables Moldova to better organize, train, and equip its forces. Through the modernization of the army, Moldova is better equipped to defend its neutrality and promote peace and stability in the region,” mentioned Laura Hruby, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Chișinău.

The assistance, valued at over 3 million dollars, arrived in Chișinău this week. It was transported by an aircraft from the US Air Force. The batch includes protective equipment and light infantry weapons, which will be distributed to the units of the National Army.

According to Congressman Doug Lamborn, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the American people have provided support totaling 123 million dollars, manifested through equipment donations and training. They were provided in order to modernize the Armed Forces and enhance their defense capacity for our country’s sovereignty.

On August 3rd, a delegation from the United States, representing the House Armed Services Committee, arrived in Chișinău for meetings with leaders from the Moldovan Government and Parliament.


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