(VIDEO) Green light from the Ministry of Education: Moldovan pupils will learn Spanish from native teachers

Pupils in Moldova will be able to study Spanish with native teachers. The Cabinet of Ministers approved signing a cooperation agreement about Spanish bilingual education with the relevant Spanish authorities.

According to the Education Ministry, the document will provide the necessary legal framework for the implementation of Spanish bilingual education in some secondary schools in the country. The provisions will establish methods for teaching the language, develop the curriculum for in-depth study of Spanish and other subjects in Spanish, and provide access to digital resources and relevant teaching materials and diplomas from the Kingdom of Spain.

According to Minister Perciun, this will create optimal conditions for in-depth study of the Spanish language and increase access to new learning resources for Moldovan students, foster educational exchanges between teachers from the Republic of Moldova and Spain, and support intercultural dialogue between young people from the two countries.


Currently, the Republic of Moldova has experience implementing French-speaking bilingual classes in eight educational institutions in the country, with the support of French partners.

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