Maia Sandu: “The per capita budgetary income in Gagauzia is higher than in any other region of Moldova”

According to Moldovan President Maia Sandu, the budgetary income per capita in Gagauzia is higher than in any other region of Moldova, including Chisinau. This statement was made during an interview for the Gagauz publication “Nokta.”

“Budget revenues per capita in Gagauzia are higher than in any other region of Moldova, including Chisinau, despite the concentration of most economic agents in the region. This suggests a desire for a high standard of living in Gagauzia. They may argue that ‘all things being equal, it is not sufficient.’ This is because our resources are spread throughout the country.

To increase our financial resources, we must attract investments, strengthen the economy, and increase the state budget. It is important to note that all projects must be evaluated based on their feasibility and potential impact. This will enable us to undertake more projects funded by the state budget. As previously mentioned, the autonomy already has a significant number of ongoing projects,” Sandu states.

Regarding why Chisinau does not attempt to “restore order in Gagauzia” or monitor the distribution of the autonomy’s budget, Sandu stated that this question should be addressed by local politicians and representatives of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia (PAG).

“This is a question for the politicians of the autonomy, the PAG representatives, and the Governor of Gagauzia. Local politicians should be asked about the programs and the distribution of the money.
It is important to ensure that the distribution of funds is transparent and fair. However, discussions on this topic often reveal that some Gagauz politicians are not interested in transparency and honest distribution of funds, which prevents people from seeing the reality of the situation. It is often claimed that “Chisinau does not respect us” and that they only want to negotiate to take something away. However, it should be noted that we do not have any intention of taking anything away and in fact, we are still providing financial support.


The residents of the autonomous region should inquire with local politicians about the allocation and utilization of the budget. It is unclear why budget expenditures in Gagauzia are not proportionate to those of the rest of the country,” said Maia Sandu.

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